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Learn the #1 Secret Used by Big Brands to 10X Your Engagement and Grow Your Page on Instagram 

Start Creating Shareable Content That Supercharges the Instagram Algorithm in Your Favor With the Social Butterfly Instagram Strategy


Does this sound familiar?

  • You love the connection and vibe of Instagram and you’re ready to start building a following.
  • You’ve tried ALL of the ‘best’ Instagram hacks and gimmicks -- and it hasn’t worked. 
  • You spend so much time and energy brainstorming great Instagram ideas only to end up frustrated and defeated.
  • ​Your posts are inconsistent, even uninspiring, and you may even feel embarrassed about what you’re sharing.
  • ​You’ve invested in other Instagram training programs, courses, or coaches in the past -- only to be let down...again. In fact, you may even feel robbed or burned by your experience.
And the worst part is...

A little voice in your head may even be whispering this lie to you, “You don’t have what it takes to make it big on Instagram. You’re just not ‘enough’ -- not smart enough, ‘social media savvy’ enough, popular enough…”

And that idea may be scaring you into not posting at all. Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m a fraud. This isn’t going to work and it’s not worth my time anyway!”

Take a deep breath. I have a secret to tell you…

Hi, I’m Theresa Depasquale, CEO of Capture Social Group, and I want to share with you the #1 secret to making your Instagram profile irresistible...

Theresa Depasquale
When I first started on Instagram, I thought it was all about having a lot of followers…

Having access to all the filters— sooo many filters… 

Posting at the perfect time… 

…And all with the fingers-crossed, I-hope-this-works approach to try tricking the almighty Instagram algorithm into liking your content.

Guess what I got? Silence. *crickets*

So, I started studying everything I could about Instagram -- and I discovered something.

It’s the biggest secret nobody is talking about when it comes to Instagram…
Theresa Depasquale
If you want to grow your Instagram following, you need to focus on engagement FIRST.

Not having all the perfect filters in place. Not just posting to say you posted. Not even getting more followers. Focus on engagement first.

No engagement = no growth!

A large social media following with zero engagement is like having an email list with no opens or clicks: it’s pointless.

See, Instagram is a business— they need your audience’s attention to make money. No engagement means no buyers. No buyers means no business.

When users engage with your content, it tells Instagram that your content is worth someone else’s attention. Great content is more shareable, likeable, saveable, and a green light for Instagram to push more traffic your way.

That’s why engagement is the currency of Instagram… and a lot of Instagram ‘experts’ fail to understand that reality. I know I did! And I was soooo wrong:
  • It doesn’t matter what filters or apps you use to make your pictures look cool if you’re not getting engagement.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have fancy outfits if you’re not getting engagement.
  • It doesn’t matter if you travel the world and post amazing pictures if you’re not getting engagement.

What matters is your message, how you show up as your beautifully messy self, and the value you provide to your audience.

Over the past several years I’ve built my own personal brand online through Instagram. I’ve also built several large revenue-generating pages on Instagram as well. Some of my clients? You know their names, you’d recognize their brands and where they’re showing up online.

Guess what? That can be you, too!

I started this movement with Social Butterfly to help busy entrepreneurs and experts just like you hop on the fast track to real results.

No gimmicks. No tricks. Just the simplest, most proven process for growing your engagement on Instagram.

I call it…

Instagram Strategy

The Simplest, Most Reliable Approach for Growing an Engaged Following on Instagram (Even If You’re Brand New, Have No Time to Waste, and Don’t Know Where to Start)

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What Makes the Social Butterfly Process Work?

The REAL reason why other Instagram courses and programs don’t work is because they’re missing the biggest component for growing a true audience on Instagram.

If you want more followers, you first need your existing followers to engage with your posts!

Interesting, fun, engaging content = more attention. More attention = longer engagement. Greater engagement = Instagram rewarding you by showing your content to more people. Remember, engagement is the currency of Instagram.

This is why boosting your engagement is critical if you want to grow your following on Instagram.

Are good images important? Of course!

But… filters, fancy outfits, cool pictures, none of that matters unless your content engages your audience.

Enter the Social Butterfly Process.

We introduce three key components that work together to help you effortlessly create super-shareable content that drives engagement— in a fraction of the time.
  • The Personal Brand Blueprint (PBB): This is the key to having the right branding and messaging that connects with your audience in a life-changing way.
  • The Posting Formula: We combine your Personal Brand Blueprint (PBB) plus your Life at a Glance exercise (posting topic) with your Infotainment style to create an irresistible content feed.
  • The 30-Day Content Calendar: This is your plug-and-play 30-day content calendar for creating the perfect posts for optimal engagement.
calendar image

This seven-week experience is designed to:

  • Take out all the guesswork
  • Teach you how to effortlessly come up with content ideas
  • Show you how to use your branding to attract the RIGHT type of followers
  • Help you create and produce valuable content that will more than 10X your engagement
  • Optimize your content to grow your page and impact as a true expert for your audience
  • Run your social media in the least amount of time possible

With our Social Butterfly Process in place, your Instagram profile is best positioned to increase engagement, grow your following, and entice Instagram-drive traffic to your money-making offers.

What to Expect With The Social Butterfly Instagram Strategy

You’re probably wondering what’s included with the Social Butterfly Instagram Strategy, so let’s break it down…

Each week’s module contains a short, in-depth video, the right templates or worksheets, and action steps to help you get immediate results.

Week 1: DEFINE

Get Clear on Your Branding and Audience

  • The 3 different types of branding
  • Why online branding is invaluable
  • Your personal brand blueprint
  • How to identify your ideal client
  • ​Optimizing your profile to attract your ideal client

Week 2 : CREATE

WTF Do I Post?

  • Effective strategies to effortlessly come up with content
  • Content creation worksheets


  • My 3-2-1 approach to posting
  • Deconstructing different types of content for engagement
  • Content creation formula
  • Stories cheat sheet


and Content Calendar Creation

  • How to design your promotional calendar
  • How to design your content calendar
  • Our proven sales success formula for posting


Making content that gets engagement

  • Theme ‘hacks’ for busy people to easily create a theme on their page 
  • Tips on how to produce images and videos that will get more engagement and conversions
  • ​How to write better captions 
  • ​What to post in your stories
  • ​The latest IG algorithm updates and ways you can strategically use your content organically grow your page
  • ​Creating your photoshoot shot list 

Week 6: ENGAGE

  • Different types of engagement deconstructed
  • Learn our proven engagement strategies to grow your page
  • Using hashtags to grow your reach


Is it all working?

  • Breaking down the different post and page insights (analytics) 
  • How do you know when it’s a successful post?
  • Using hashtags to grow your reach


Each week we have a 30-minute group call where I do a training or Q&A. All members are added to our private Facebook community where I am available to help along the way.

Members will also be set up in their own private engagement groups with other Social Butterflies as well!

Here’s What Other Instagrammers Are Saying About Their Experience With Social Butterfly

“I feel very fortunate to be working with Theresa Depasquale. In the world of medicine we learn quite a bit, however we don’t learn how to share our authentic voice. Theresa has been essential in encouraging me to bridge the world of medicine with my personal message. The result of the guidance and support has been profound. The proof has been in my social reach and enormous growth. I am forever grateful.”

— Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, D.O.
“Theresa has been nothing short of amazing! By working with her I obtained a framework of how to increase engagement and my following, as well as how to weave in my personal life in my overall Brand. In just the first week of implementing her process I saw a 10X in engagement, it was SO rewarding”

 — Nicole Willis, Director of Business Development
“Theresa has taught me so much about social media and how to grow my following. Her approach is authentic - no gimmicks, but to deliver outstanding content and serve and nurture your audience… I love her approach and I continue to be impressed with her knowledge in this area, no -nonsense approach and she definitely walks her talk.”

— Dr. Stephanie Estima

Is Social Butterfly Right for YOU?

Social Butterfly is NOT for you IF:
  • You're looking for hacks, gimmicks, or services to artificially grow your followers 
  • You're just want to become ‘IG famous’ or gain clout
  • You're only wanting to become an instagram model or blogger 
  • ​You're only wanting to get influencer deals 
  • ​You're fake or inauthentic
  • ​You don’t want to put in the work (or hire a team to help) 
  • ​You don’t think social media is important
Social Butterfly IS PERFECT for you IF:
  • You want to build your audience on Instagram the right way but are busy and don’t have the time to figure it out on your own.
  • You understand how important engagement is to your Instagram growth.
  • You want to gain credibility and establish yourself as a true industry expert.
  • You want to leverage social media to positively impact your new or existing business.
  • ​You want to create engaging content that will organically grow your audience.
  • ​You want to learn tested strategies and methods to 10X your engagement. 
  • ​You want to use social media as part of your overall branding and marketing strategy.
  • ​You’re willing and ready to get out of your comfort zone and commit to investing in yourself.
  • ​You want to connect with other like-minded peers.

If that’s absolutely YOU, then Social Butterfly Instagram Strategy
was made for YOUR success!


  • Effortlessly coming up with super-lovable content ideas that drive true engagement— in a fraction of the time.
  • Driving so much traffic to your sales-surging offers that your money worries just fade away.
  • Being so savvy with your Instagram profile that people are begging to learn your secrets.
  • ​Knowing exactly what to post that will make your audience instantly subscribe to all of your push notifications.
  • ​Finally being able to reach a positive ROI for the time spent on social media with higher conversions than ever before.

Skip the algorithm learning curve and start engaging your Instagram crowd today.


Ultimate Hashtag Handbook (Value $299.00)

The Ultimate Hashtag Handbook is yours for FREE when you join Social Butterfly as the newest student. 
Ultimate Hashtag Handbook
Instagram is becoming more and more like a search engine where people are actively seeking out content in accounts they want to follow. One of the biggest ways they do this is through hashtags. The trick however is understanding the best hashtags to use to get the most reach. 

We’ve spent over 40 hours researching 4500 of the best, most optimized hashtags for each niche which you can use as part of my hashtag ladder method  which is explain the Ultimate Hashtag Handbook. All you have to do is follow the instructions and plug and play on each post! 

Reminder...There’s two parts to hitting the Hashtags, the first part is researching the best tags and using our ladder method, the second part is you need engagement to actually hit the hashtag threads... which you’ll learn how to grow in this course! 
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